Cotswold Heritage
Vulcan Steam Plant

Vulcan steam plant
Heritage Nr: 155
Cotswold Heritage 2012.
This is a rather large steam plant. It has the largest cylinder volume of all my models so far, this combined with the 9" flywheel make this the most powerful engine in my collection. This engine is actually running with the force that make it almost a little dangerous for small fingers of children. It is there for advisable to keep children under observation if they are near one of these engines wile they run. The Vulcan engine is of a marvelous quality and it moves with a style that is pretty much unmatched by any other steam engine I have.
The Vulcan steam plant in completeness has a couple of issues. One thing is the base that it is all mounted on to. This is made of wood, which is nice. Trouble is, it is not very thick this base, and the steam pant is rather heavy with it's 12-13 kg weight. This means that a high degree of caution is advisable when moving the plant. Another thing is that the base is coated with some kind of water repelling paint that all though does reject water, does not stand against oil spill and very HOT water, this has led to some slight damage on my engine plant base. The boiler is another slight inconvenience, it is not very efficient. I think without knowing for sure that the vertical boilers from cotswold is more efficient as they are equipped with a larger burner diameter. In the practice of running the engine plant, nothing of this now mention is really very serious issues. the share grace in wich this engine move and the wonders of its fantastic sound, all waigh up more then ten fold any other negative points about it. giving care to put into accouint all the negative issues, one is left with a marvelous enigne plant that has no likeness in my collection, and for all i know, may never have in the future either. This is an absolute treat to see in action, both to see and hear actually. a joy and a fiest of steam engine extravagansa.
Simply "Marvelous"
For last, the less that is said about the company that makes these wonderful engines the better. Cotswold Heritage dealings has to be made on personal risk. the person running the place is according to one person i know, a "sertified clown" . A person that do NOT give aid if in need for it. 

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