DMF Neustadt
Model DMF ST02W
Watercooled Stirling engine.

Water cooled Stirling engine. Model ST02W.
Made by Peter Gaschler at Dampfmaschinenfabrik Neüstadt. (Firm is now discontinued)
This is a very rare engine, I personally know of just one other engine like this. That one, was located somewere in France until 2010 (probably still are).  the Firm "Dampfmaschinenfabrik Neüstadt" was a one man enterprice of and by the german model engener Mr Peter Gaschler. He designed a series of very fine steam marine plants and workstations during the later parts of the 1990's. Included in the extreamly limited production range was also two Stirling models, one aircooled version, and this one, the water cooled version.
I was the last official customer of the Dampfmaschinenfabrik Neüstadt firm and their website went offline only a week or so after my purchase of this model.  Production will not start again, so anyone that is lucky enough to have one of this builder's work really can prace yourself lucky. The design features some very neat attension to detail where for instance the top end shape of the spiritus tank matches in miniature the top shape of the fire house, relative to the size of the two. Also the lower end of the spiritus tank has the same angle of curves, making the handmade tank not round but oval in the end shape, like if it was squeezed from both top end and bottom. The heat from the Spiritus is aplied to the engine block with 3 seperate burners inside the fire house on the model. meaning it burns off 20 ml of spirits in a relative short run. by FAR and WIDE the most thirsty engine i have. Realively slow moving this robust Stirling engine is still a vell powered brute considering the type of engine that it is,,, and it's weight.
Unfortunately,, I have to say that my Model did not travel well from Germany to here, with the result that mine resived some damage to the camshaft. I have had offers from people in here to have it 100% fixed, but have yet to this day not dared to think of it. Maybe some day in the future I will take the risk. the model is to my mind about 95% as good as it was intended to be, meaning about 95% from being perfect.

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