Jensen 75

Best to start with the positive things to say about this engine model, mainly to be sure that this review is as balanced as possible. The powerplant of this engine is very good compared to the prize of the engine as a total. It start off it's life as a good "tick'er" with an even run and a very nice rythm. as it gradually is run more, the rythm smooth out and the sounds disapares more and more, my own engine now is very quiet and run allmost in silence on slow rpm. , so, a good powerplant then. Is the rest of the model just as good ? unfortunately no. anything else about this engine sadly reflect the prize that one pay for it, if one buy one. ALL the boilers gaskets will NEED to be replaced within the first 2-3 runs of the engine. This fact alone make me very very angry with this maker. Think of what this mean in practice.. A little boy has resived a steam engine from his father for christmass, within 2 days this engine will apare to be allready broken to the young lad and his father. The little boy will cry becourse he so much wanted a steam engine, and the father will feel very bad about his purchace and think that this wasnt his finest hour, the jensen will end up as refunded or on the back of the garage, and the money for the refund will go to the young lad's new bicycle. He may never forget the time when he got a steam engine, it broke down and dad had to send it back. and for what ? I tell you, it allow $1 saving on proper gascets for the Jensen manefacturer. This isnt only bad management and ill treatement of customers world wide. It is in fact increadebly mean and rotten thinking towards all those young lad's who get their first and rightfully last steam engine. Evryone know that this is a very likally senario, things may very well enfold in a simular chain of events. a everyday father, working as an accountant in a diary firm, a man with 10 thumbs on his hands and sometimes 12. He may very well have no possibility to understand what is wrong with this product, and no way of knowlege how to fix it. All this good everyday father wanted, was to give his son this steam engine that he most of all wanted, and Jensen ruin the dream for both of them. . . It isn't nice. And all this before I have mention with a single word the fact about the paint job that Jensen deliver on their engine. paint that do not take heat from the fire of the engine. If you buy a Jensen 75, it will be vissually ruined the first time you steam it, and will continue to ruin itself vissually until the day you stop steaming it and simply end up making an effort to hide it away. And yet, despite of all this idiotic nonsence from this manefacturer, I will recomend to ALL people in the collectors rank's, at some point in their life to accuire a Jensen 75 engine. change the gascets, do a repaint of the engine and everyday after live well with a very decent steam toy engine with a great running potencial.

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