Hero Steam Turbine

Hero Steam Turbine.
A resently acuired engine I have only had the chance to run this engine a couple of times. As always on any Kontax engine, the quality of the mechanics are very good. Only thing wrong with it is the wick that comes with it, it is a cotton wicks, and they do not in general hold the required standards. So it will need to be changed, but that isn't really a problem, more close to an anoyance. So easy to ship with it some high quality wicks to begin with. Part from that, the engine is great. Nothing special to say about it. It is a very basic construction of course, given its origin and design. A recommended buy once you have a few items of other kind. I would not have started a collection with this engine. But is is a nice in between buy.
I could not recommend this engine as a first engine to buy for any coming engine model collector. It is way too simple for that and the process of the run is easy and do not deliver the variation needed. It is like I said above, a nice in between buy.

KS-18 Beta Stilring engine

The Beta Stirling from Kontax is an exelent running model. very robust in it's construction and this refects on it's weight. The model is about 30 cm long. This model is heartly recomended, It is most of the time out of stock at Kontax, witch should indicate that more then me has found the quality of this model very appealing. The most expencive of Kontax models, but still offer a very high quality and fun factor for the cost.

Kontax KS90T

Designed to run from the heat of a human hand, and it does. unfortunately i have rather cold hands, so it isnt all that fast running of mine, but any "normal" hands will run this very well. it need a temperature difference of about 6 degree celsius between the bottom plate and the top plate. anything above this and the model can run for years without stop. it has provan to do so many places were it has stood on modems, ruters and a number of other light electrical equipment for years on end while still running. one of the most energy efficcient engines known to man.

Thermo Accustic engine

This model here, I have had some trubble with, but i have seen many films of these running at full speed, so it is probably just my example of a "monday model". Since this one here does not actually run well, I fear i can not give it the full thumbs up, like normal is from Kontax. On the other hand, it is suposedly a very good runner if it runs :-)..

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