The Crane

Hello all. I had this idea reasently, that I should try out a little of the old hobby called Meccano. Old hobby to many, compleately new for me. I bought a set and got started. I started off with a very easy model of the 25 possible in the set but gave it up after only a few hours simply becourse it was too easy. I de mounted it all and started on the most difficoult build of the set. Sadly, this turned out to be on the easy side as well. A tiny halt in the later stages of this build occured, when it became aparent that the house cat, most likally had digested a few of the smallest rubber parts. I did however managed to replace those with relative ease. I wonder now if my flirtation with the Meccano hobby is that soon done and over with... If anything new is happening on the Meccano front, I will keep you all posted. in this here page.

Knut. 13.04.2013.

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