Steamco STC 04

Here is one of my absolute finest engines. I bought this engine from Allan in a new, unfired state. As I understood it previously only run on air for a few moments and in Allans collection just for a month or so. Steamco is hand made steam models of first class. From any angle, any lighting and from any distance. This engine is superb. I know many of you that have one of these models so you do know what i am talking about. so this is my comercial ment for those that do not YET have this model. I dont actually know that many words in English to fully give this model justice, I normally end up just babble when ever i get a chance to talk about this model as i do here. This model is to my mind, not realy in the toy steam market,, this is much more a steam collector model of some kind. in size it stand right between a Mamod Minor and a Wilesco D14, that is in size mind you. In standard this rank in a different legue completely. The Steamco STC 04 is one of the nicest running oscilators that I have. I can simply not recomend this model enough.

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