Wiggers Stirling Modellbau.

Wiggers HHV-08.250

Wiggers HHV-08-250
This is among my most desirable models in my collection. It is hand made in every detail by Mr Werner Wiggers with exeption for the cylinder glass and some nuts and bolts. Some other of them are made exclusively for this model to fit the dimentions and design of the model. There is absolute nothing on this model that isn't perfect in the making or in the working form, an astonishing view to watch in slow speed. The movenent on this model is emensely well balanced, I am absolute loving it.
I wish I could recomend this model to all that is interested in these exquisite models but unfortumately the production at Wiggers modelbau has allmost come to a full stop, a tiny numbers of model baches are made from time to time, but in practice these are now no longer in busyness. one of the biggest loss to model engenering in years.

Stiwi 2

Wiggers Stiwi 2

The Stiwi 2 model is a tiny little engine model that is in serten ways a miniature of some of the much larger Stirlings that Wiggers made in their glorious days of full production. This Stiwi 2 model is important though for those that like this company, this becourse it is still fully available to purchace from their website. There for creating a open window for those that wish to buy one Wiggers model before the firm fully closes down.

The Stiwi 2 model is a very small simple and standard Stirling engine with a very nice run to show for it self. Quality vice,, these budget Wiggers is some what below their much more worked on and larger models but still this is many class above what is normally found for sale in the world. For all Stirling entusiasts that wish to have a Wiggers, this is their best chance to get one as of this date. 19.12.2013.

Wiggers HH-96-210 /2

Wiggers Modellbau. The Stirling Classic, in the technical world it is model name HH-96-210. This particular model how ever is a special edition that he made a few of witch have a larger flywheel to the ones that are usually sold from him. The very last batch of these models has been made a while ago and from these, this is the last of the models made. it has number 19 marked on the bottom of the base, representing nr 19 of the 19 models ever made with the large flywheel. A fairly late design of Mr Wiggers this Classic shaped model was designed in the 90's and placed into production as comon was back then for Wiggers, as a self building set of ready made presission manufactured parts. the idea for the larger edition with the larger flywheel with bent spokes was a some what later design feature. even later in design development is also the vertical socket the engine is connected on to the base plate and the burner that was from the first both in brushed brass but the later years has been made with a crommed look.

The model is not of the smallest but rank in the middle range between the small and the larger middle range desktop models. the engine is allmost 23 cm in length and about 16 cm tall. The flywheel is 12 cm with bent spokes on the variation that the standard model has the standard Wiggers 9cm wheel with straight spokes. The model is equipped with a speed regulator wheel. 
The model mechanincs and production is absolute first class as the Wiggers models are. No where on the model is the finish anything but perfect to achieve the perfection result.

Wiggers HVB-94-200

This model is the intricate model HVB-94-200. This dubble beam engine that also has a dubble baseplate, is one of Wiggers, best independent designs. The design is an old one from Werner Wiggers but took a few years to mature in to production. Since the firm moved from self assembly kits to finished ready to run models, this model has been a relative low production model. At it's peak it was several hundred € more then what I paid for this model now from this last batch ever from Mr Wiggers. The high cost back then represent the high labour cost in making this model to the required standards. The model can be speed regulated with the reghulator on the side of the top plate, this to the fullest aid to show the very complexed model movement design. Very very cleaver thought out, the two moving beems conects to rods that have both the vertical and horisontal pendlum motion to the flywheel. This in combination with the glass cylinder and the open vacuum cylinder help to create the very stylish and fasinating movement of the model allround.

The Dubble beam engine come with a acrylic dust cover and a spotless finish to top it off. The model is prodused in very low numbers by Wiggers since the tansition to "Ready to run" models only in 2005. The rarity of the model combined with the sadness of seening models like this go out of production never to return from other then remakes and copycats in the amatour league make me sad to think about and sorry indeed that so few others can enjoy the proper models as they once was made by the man that created it. A loss to the collector of the models of this kind, very much indeed.

Wiggers Rider Ericson HV-87-400

Rider Ericson 1/4 scale made by Werner Wiggers in Germany. The pipework, water cooling sistern etc etc adds a load of pretty details to an allready overly beautyfied model. The yellow decor lines in the red painted model is hand painted and aplied on freehand with pensil, loving and with care for the style and the standards of the 100% handcrafted model. This exact model is the very very last comission build by Herr Werner Wiggers. It is absolute marvelous in every way I can think of. See the full video review in the movie section.

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