Wilesco Engines.

D 14

Wilesco D14.
The D14 is Wilesco's choice of making a overhead steam engine model, that mean that the power plant, cylinder and work plant is located on top of the boiler with the firebox at the bottom. Since Wilesco engines are primarily toys, the D14 is no exemption, it is also among wilesco's absolute cheapest engine measures in retail prize. It is in general of about the same basic quality of all the brands engines, which is, variable. But, it is not a bad engine this. And it is really good value for the money, providing the buyer are aware that he or she is in fact buying a toy. Good care and fine treatment is therefor vital to keep the engine in a state that will let you preserve it for the future. The D14 lacks a throttle control, this obviously mean that it is running flat out for the duration of the movement. I expect that money need to be saved some place. I do in fact like this engine quite a lot. There is basically nothing wrong with it,, that is if you buy one of those that is well made, not all Wilesco's are, and one can be unlucky and get hold of a brand new one that isn't actually up to par. I have been lucky, and my engine work like a dream. This is one of the most recommendable engine models in the lower prize range, it is very good value for money.

D 22

D22 is a very good Wilesco stationarry model. They have been very lucky with this design and the model is exeptionally good walue for money. right now, the only 2 cylinder steam engine from Wilesco, it is very powerful for it's size and can without me having tried it, run practicly any accessory set up. The mocel is self starting, meaning you dont have to start the motion by manually turn over the flywheel. after making steam, all you need is to turn on the steam valve, and off it goes. This is one of Wilescos absolute best models that they are making today.

D 24

D24 is the largest Wilesco model that is in production these days. it is a bit of a mix up between something very desirable and the oposite. The boiler is too big for the engine to be fully fungsional when running the model on idle speeds, it simply produses too much steam for the culinder to use, the resilt is often very eratic runs to keep the safetyvalve from spiting boiling steam and water drops all around. only solution to this problem is to run it with load. that is not everyones cup of tea, soo, at least for the poeple that like to run things on idle and just see something slowly tick over. one need a very small gas burner for this model to avoid too much steam production. This tiny gas burner will solve the problem of too much steam production, but ad afair amont of funds extra to the models total cost. witch is allready far too high.

D 15

D15 is one of the most eye appealing Wilescos of later years. The model was discontinued a coupple of years ago but may still be found as left overs from some dealers. The model has a relative small(ish) boiler that is well fitted to the easy turned powerunit on the model. The model has beautyful finish and a workable power to handle anything less then major workstation attemts. a small gas burner can be used with great success on this model as the fueltray seem to bring on a slightly too much heat on the boiler for just idle run on the engine. This model has to be one of the better Wilesco buy's i have done in my time, I like this little plant greatly.

H110 Stirling

H110 is Wilescos atemt to make a proper Stirling engine with a generator to light a small lamp on top of a plastic mast. the Generator are Wilesco's plastic coted model and the A frame that hold the flywheel off the ground base is also made of Plastic. The metal finish is extreamly pour truout the model and the cooling ribs on the cylinder block is far to shallow to do any major cooling. The model is heated by a bee wax candle that does not really heat up the engine well enough, and it sot the glass cylinder, the base of the model that is made of real materiel like wood, are on my model only partly sanded down, so it too has a very pour finish.

So.... is there any good things to say about it, yes it is. the model was discontinued from production a couple of years back, so no one in the future should be temted to buy one. I suppose, in a good place of mode, if you replace the candle with a proper meth burner , forinstance one from Böhm that cost about a tenner,, you can get some good runs out of this model if you care to look past the hidious atention to details that is there. From a far, it is not a bad looker either.


D430 Is a very handsome model, one can like or dislike the all brass finish of it, but it is a very realistic looking thing and it goes like no other Wilesco model, the two rather heavy flywheels make this a very soft running model with loads of ompf for the relative small cylinder volume. The engine is relative easy to maintain but suffer a bit from Wilescos later years aditions of plastic handles on steam valves etc etc. Example is that the handle on my valve has come loose and are now in two pieces. it can still be run and regulated, but it is totally loose, and a child would miss it. my model also wobble one of its flywheels around and obviously isnt the best quality checked model to rol off the production line in the later years. Sadly, I am not a lone in any of these problems with the brand, but still cant let be but to recomend this model as it is very very nice to run. more then adequate fire from a porsion of gel fuel.

A lovely engine.

D141 workstation

D141 Workstation is one of Wilescos most desirable models in my opinions. you get the ecelent powersourse from the D14 with the steam valve and pressure gauge thrown in. the 4 piece work station is also a joy to see and is indeed a good solution for those of us that does not have seperate workstations that can be conected up. The D141 is a relatively large model and full of oiling points to avoid it squeeking, but doing it right make for a very smooth, very rewarding and very fun ride.

The D141 belongs in the mid range of the Wilesco in the matter of cost, but are far ahead to most of the other models in the brand, when it come to good old fashion fun run's.

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